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Work package 7: Demonstration

Research objectives of Work package 7

Work package 7 will focus on the build-up of the 3 end-user demonstrators taking into account all the process and technological knowledge generated in WP5 and the system verification studies for all test vehicles performed in WP6. WP7 will integrate all the acquired know-how for a robust manufacturing of the demonstrators in order to satisfy the specifications set in WP1 for utilisation in the electric vehicle. The objectives of WP7 are:

  • Large scale manufacturing of both demonstrators integrating the technical knowledge of building-up the test vehicles in WP5.
  • Electrical characterisation of the different demonstrators.
  • Thermal characterisation and heat management evaluation of the different demonstrators.
  • Iterative demonstrator runs for compliance with system specifications drawn in WP1.
  • Overall reliability assessment of the different demonstrators in conjunction with WP6.
  • Manufacturing of “power module demonstrator” with double side cooling by interconnecting the power cores to top and bottom heat sinks.
  • Iterative runs for power module build-up taking into account the results in WP5 and WP6.
  • Build-ups of power module demonstrator with various heat sinks alternatives for a valid comparison of the final heat dissipation capability.