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Work package 6: Embedded power verification

Research objectives of Work package 6

Work package 6 will focus on the electrical and thermo-mechanical characterisation of the ECP power cores, power discrete packages and ECP power modules that will be in parallel developed in WP5. The embedded ECP power core, discrete package and ECP power modules designs proposed in WP2 and developed in WP3 and WP5 will be evaluated from a system perspective for their appropriateness in the electric vehicle. The embedded power system verification phase will characterise in detail all power packages developed and will provide direct feedback in WP5 for the further optimisation of power cores and modules. The verification phase in WP6 is therefore also indispensable for qualifying only the optimised designs for demonstrator manufacturing in WP6. The objectives of WP6 are:

  • Initial electrical characterisation of all power components used in the EmPower project.
  • Electrical characterisation of the ECP power core, discrete package and ECP power module developed in WP5.
  • Direct feedback stemming from electrical characterisation of test vehicles built in WP5 for any process modifications needed during the power core build-ups in WP5.
  • Thermo-mechanical characterisation of ECP power cores coupled with heat management evaluations.
  • Evaluation of the heat dissipation efficiency for all heat sinks used in ECP power modules (IMS, DCB, Cu/thermal prepreg/Cu).
  • Direct feedback of thermal simulation results to WP5 for modifications in the build-up of ECP power modules.
  • Investigate iteratively the overall mechanical reliability of power cores, discrete packages and modules test vehicles developed in WP5 after integration of the technical feedback from WP6.