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Work package 5: Embedded power system development

Research objectives of Work package 5

Work package 5 will focus on the development of embedding technologies for power components in power cores as well as on the development of complete power modules with advanced heat dissipation capabilities for utilisation on the motor of the electric vehicles. WP5 will deliver innovative embedded power package products based on the power and module concepts proposed in WP2. The power core and modules developed in WP5 will be fully characterised in WP6 and the embedding technology developed will be also exploited for the demonstrator build-ups in WP7. The high power package will be the first application developed in EmPower and will be benchmarked with the existing power package to show the feasibility for exploitation in an early stage of the project.
More specifically the WP5 objectives are summarised below:

  • Process development for the embedding of IGBTs and diodes into power cores.
  • Embedded power core development without use of conductive adhesives for the assembly of the backside of IGBT
  • Development of embedding technologies for manufacturing of power cores in 18”x24” large PCB formats.
  • Development of interconnection technologies between the power cores and double side heat sinks for the creation of integrated power modules with double side cooling.
  • Development of power component embedding on thick copper blocks serving as heat sinks for a process efficient power module offering comparative cost savings.
  • Development of a power package based on the power ECP core technology to embed high power diodes and heavy copper structures to enable low electrical losses.
  • Development of interconnection technology for the connection of half-bridge embedded cores with double side heat sinks.