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Work package 2: Embedded power concept design and analysis

Research objectives of Work package 2

Work package 2 will constitute the major pool of the embedded concept designs which will be developed in the proposed EmPower project for the innovative packaging of power components in electric vehicles. The proposed concept designs will be split into following categories:

  • Concepts for the embedded core where flat embedded packages will be analyzed and developed
  • CConcepts for embedded power discrete packages where a power diode will be embedded and benchmarked with the existing component packaged with a conventional technology
  • Concepts for embedded modules where embedded cores will be further interconnected to heat dissipation substrates for the provision of integrative turn-key packaging solutions for electric vehicle motors.

All embedded design concepts for the power core, power discrete package and the power module will be benchmarked to existing design concepts. Work package 2 will use the output of WP1 for the creation of the embedded concepts targeting the fulfilment of the WP1 specifications. The concepts of WP2 will be undertaken in WP3 where components and materials should be investigated and proposed for the concept development. Furthermore, the concepts of WP2 will be used in WP4, 5 and 6 for the development of embedded packages, their verification and their utilization in the demonstrator build-ups, respectively.