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Work package 1: Requirements and specifications

Research objectives of Work package 1

The scope of Work package 1 is to describe in detail from a system perspective the desirable requirements and specifications of the newly developed power packages for maximum operational efficiency in electric vehicles. WP1 will shortly summarise the shortcomings and challenges of the existing power package solutions and will highlight the system advantages gained by adoption of power embedded cores and modules. Besides the system requirements for electric vehicles, WP1 will set the specifications for the new packaging technologies that will be developed in the proposed EmPower project in order to fulfil the advanced system requirements for power components in the electric vehicle. Finally, WP1 will describe in detail the 2 targeted end-user demonstrators in terms of functionality, performance, size, reliability, etc.

The WP1 output is indispensable for the R&D work to be performed in the work packages 2 to 7, serving on one hand as a guide navigator for the embedded package concepts that need to be developed in the work packages 2 to 5, but also for setting the evaluation criteria in the demonstrator verification phase by the work packages 6 and 7.