The proposed embedding technology also sets aside thick wire bonding of the power devices on Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) substrates. Interconnections between the power devices and wire bonds are a primary source of parasitic inductances in today’s power packages, leading to significant switching losses and therewith to important shortcomings like limited lifetime and reliability issues due to the high power loss density.

In contrast, the EmPower packaging concept contains copper interconnections with large cross sections between the power devices and the package pads by short copper-filled via and large copper cross section. This technology allows to place the necessary copper connections and pads on both sides of the package in an arbitrary manner, thus satisfying the needs for both, high electrical and high thermal conductivities.

The entire development and manufacturing of such ECP power cores will occur in state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing environment. The full production capacity in large 18”x24” panels will achieve cost reduction by economy-of-scale manufacturing.

In this context, the EmPower concept sets intriguing demands for device metallization compatible to copper electroplating processes as well as for the development of cost-effective thermal management solutions based on thick copper interconnections and thermally conductive, electrically isolating materials.